The Advisory Committee of the Tenerife + Sustainable International Conference ensures the quality, representativeness and diversity of speakers giving keynote speeches and round table membersCabildo de Tenerife.

Council of Tenerife

Alejandro Molowny López-Peñalver

Orlando J. Pérez García

Municipal Representatives

Iván Castellano Hernández

Carlos Pego Venero

The University of La Laguna

Noemí Padrón Fumero

José Miguel Cáceres Alvarado

The Conference is divided into 7 blocks each consisting of a keynote speech and round table discussions. Different national and international experts will exchange ideas and provide participants with information about correct waste management success stories. 


 Based on the objectives to be achieved in each block, the Advisory Committee will undertake the selection and evaluation of speakers in order to guarantee the relevance of their contributions, adequate adjustment to the contents and subjects of the Conference and capacity for application in the island context, ensuring that they reflect the diversity of existing models, technologies and politics of waste management.




University of La Laguna.


Noemí Padrón Fumero, Professor in the Applied Economics and Quantative Methods Department of the University of La Laguna, and Director of Master in Tourism Planning and Management. She is currently leading various projects for the assessment and management of waste at municipal and island level and in the development of the Tenerife Waste Observatory.


José Miguel Cáceres Alvarado, Assistant Professor in the Area of Materials Science in the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of La Laguna. In addition, he also belongs to the Laser Spectroscopy and High Pressures Research Group at the University of La Laguna. His research work has focused on obtaining vitreous and ceramic materials from natural rock and industrial waste.


Tenerife Island Council.


Alejandro Molowny López-Peñalver, Industrial Engineer, Head of Technical Service for the Sustainable Development of the Tenerife Island Council. In addition, he is a Doctor from the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and associate professor at the College of Engineering and Technology of the University of La Laguna.


Orlando J. Pérez García. Industrial Engineer. Head of Tourism and Innovation Services of the Tenerife Island Council.


Municipal Representatives.


Iván Castellano Hernández,  Industrial Engineer from the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and Environmental Master in Waste Management from the University of Cadiz. He has been developing his career path in Arona Town Hall since July 2002, currently Head of the Environmental Technical Section.


Carlos Pego Venero, Manager of the Municipal Groups in Northeast Tenerife.