The Tenerife + Sustainable, Sustainable Development in Waste Management International Conference, is an initiative promoted by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water and Safety of the Council of Tenerife, which hopes to make the islands a global benchmark for waste management.  


The Conference will take place on 9 and 10 June in the Tenerife Adán Martín Auditorium, and will bring together forty national and international experts. The Island of Tenerife will become a meeting point for three continents: Africa, America and Europe, with the aim of achieving a universal model for waste management. Over two days there will be seven round table discussions. Municipal social, economic and responsible agents together with renowned specialists and researchers on the subject, will debate vitally important environmental protection issues, including waste reduction, the improvement of selective collection, the utilisation of organic material, treatment prior to dumping, the safe elimination of municipal waste and raising civic awareness. 


The aim of this conference is to take an in depth look at those measures necessary for making Tenerife an environmental benchmark for appropriate waste management, through a pioneering model in Macaronesia. This model supports innovation and can be replicated at an international level.




The International Tenerife + Sustainable Congress. Sustainable Development of waste management, the purpose is to offer an area for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, technologies and policies related to waste management in order to enable replicable and adaptable universal models to be established.




  • Professionals in the waste sector, municipal technicians, councilors and the university community.
  • Free access after registration, limited capacity (400 seats), except welcome dinner and lunches to which attendance is by invitation only
  • Live on- line monitoring through the Streaming service available in the web portal.




Sala de Cámara at the Tenerife Adán Martín Auditorium




The Congress will have simultaneous translation in English.





On-line registration at the website




From 8th to 10th June 2016

* June 8th: (Only by invitation) Municipal meeting and Welcome dinner

* June 9th and 10th: Conferences (Keynotes and round tables)

* June 11th: Visit to the Tenerife Environmental Complex




The Advisory Committee of the Tenerife + Sustainable International Conference ensures the quality, representativeness and diversity of speakers giving keynote speeches and round table members.


The Conferenceis divided into 7 blocks each consisting of a keynote speech and round table discussions. Different national and international experts will exchange ideas and provide participants with information about correct waste management success stories.


Based on the objectives to be achieved en each block, the Advisory Committee will undertake the selection and evaluation of speakers in order to guarantee the relevance of their contributions, adequate adjustment to the contents and subjects of the Conference and capacity for application in the island context, ensuring that they reflect the diversity of existing models, technologies and politics of waste management.




2 Municipal representatives, 2 representatives of the Council of Tenerife and 2 representatives of the University of La Laguna




  • To propose and select the 7 expert speakers/technical “MASTERS” and the 22 members of the Round Tables. These may be national or international experts/technicians (from Spain, the rest of Europe, Africa LATAM, etc).
  • To provide, so that the other members of the committee can assess the suitability of the proposed candidate as a speaker, the following information:
  • Curriculum Vitae, showing academic training, publications, teaching and professional experience.
  • A summary of the topic or topics to be addressed in the talks. The maximum length of the document must not exceed the three pages, in double space, on one single side, in Times New Roman 12 font.




In an event of this type public participation is fundamental. The Tenerife + Sustainable International Conference has created various ways for interested citizens to participate.


Our aim is for the local population and a number of organizations to participate with an ever-greater intensity and criteria in the appropriate management of the Island’s waste, making Tenerife an international benchmark.


Our task is to facilitate and motivate the active and actual involvement of the inhabitants of Tenerife. To this end the Conference makes the following channels available to the local community:


  • Proposal of a master speaker or a round table member for assessment by the Advisory Committee.
  • Referral of suggestions or recommendations to the organization.
  • Participation as an attendee for free on the days of the congress, either physically, or via streaming and social networks.
  • Entities and companies interested in participating as sponsors or partners in the event.




1- Enter the webpage and go into Participate

2- Fill in the information of the proposed expert indicating the type of participation (master speaker or round table member) and the block or section in which you wish to take part.

3rd Step. Attach the required documentation

Inscriptions open until 24:00 hours on 8th of March 2016




The International Tenerife more Sustainable Congress will be conducted during the same week as the First Meeting of Partners of the Urban Waste Project, planned for the 6th and 7th of June in Tenerife, which allows it to count on the presence of national and international experts on the island.


The Urban Waste Project, coordinated by the Regional Environmental Department of the Canary Island Government, will study waste prevention and management in cities with high levels of tourism. The project has 28 European partners among which include the University of Gran Canaria, the Tenerife Island Council and the Tenerife Hotel Association (Ashotel).


URBAN WASTE, approved under the community initiative “Horizon 2020” framework, will be developed between 2016 and 2018 in eleven tourist areas which, all together, are home to 3 million resident tourists and receive another 25 million tourists each year.