Sustainability, Environment, Water and Safety is one of the government departments of the Council of Tenerife. It has a number of responsibilities linked to improving the quality of life of Tenerife’s citizens.


These include the management and conservation of protected natural areas and mountains, the prevention of forest fires, hunting and related activities, the protection of biodiversity, environmental education, the management of forest exploitation, the planning and management of public activity in natural areas, the promotion of sustainable development and the planning of safety measures in case of unforeseen events and catastrophes.


Specifically the Sustainable Development Advisory Service carries out different actions designed to encourage a more environmentally friendly development model. These include:


  • The sustainable management of waste on the whole island. There are different infrastructures in place for achieving correct waste management. One of these is the Environmental Complex.

Amongst these infrastructures are Transference Plants, Waste Management Logistical Centres, Recycling Points, Mini Recycling Points, a Lightweight Packaging Sorting Plant, a Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plant, an Organic Material Treatment Plant, Degasification and Biogas Recovery Plants, a safe waste disposal system using disposal cells, and so on.


  • The Complex contains an Environmental Awareness Centre, which assists with the development of different environmental education and awareness raising programmes and campaigns. These are directed at different sectors of the island’s population and address correct waste management and the promotion of more environmentally friendly behaviour.


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